Larkside Radio Ep. 55 with Benny Beers

The Browns Dumpster Fire keeps on burnin. We discuss the effect of social media on the modern athlete. Popeyes is not worth getting stabbed over. You're not allowed to dislike Marvel movies. People lose their minds when baseball players go to the White House. Today in History comes 59 years before Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit … Continue reading Larkside Radio Ep. 55 with Benny Beers

Larkside Radio Ep. 53

We have Bad Local Radio from 92.5 Mojo in the Morning so of course we're going to make fun of it. Corey has a very naughty TWIS. Oh yeah the NBA started or whatever. More importantly Shaney wants the Government to spy on you. Props and Drops. We have an impromptu Draft, and a call … Continue reading Larkside Radio Ep. 53

Larkside Radio Ep. 47 with Benny Beers

We Shoot the shit with clips and top stories from the week. We talk NFL headlines and recap Week 1. Ry gives his College Football Picks. Corey does TWIS. We pick our Props and Drops of the Week. Finally we Draft "Duos". larkside-radio-episode-47.mp3 Apple Link