Larkside Radio Ep. 61 with Marie Ramirez

Our longest show yet. Marie is an opinionated listener of the show. We discuss Rappers and Drug Abuse. Relationship Reddits throughout. The Toxicity of Social Media. Jeep Cheaters. Footy Footy Football talk. Ry has the worst way to get an Ex Back. 16 year old faked her own kidnapping. Adam Driver is a pussy (sorry … Continue reading Larkside Radio Ep. 61 with Marie Ramirez

Larkside Radio Ep. 60

Ry and Benny breakdown ShoeGate. Talk CFB and NFL. Cover a bunch of headlines and hypotheticals. Enjoy. CHEW THE SHOE! CHEW THE SHOE! Follow us on all social media @larksideradio: Instagram Twitter Facebook Listen Like Share Subscribe and leave us a Review on Apple Podcast App , Spotify , or right here on our site.