It’s Happening. Baboons Loose on the Streets of Australia. Spreading Coronavirus. (Video)

Source– Three baboons being transported to a major Sydney hospital so one of them could have a vasectomy escaped from their truck on Tuesday afternoon, triggering sightings around the hospital, a police response and widespread interest online.

Ok, so I don’t know for sure that the Baboons are spreading Coronavirus, but if the Chinese Government can lie to people than so can I. Truth be told, that baboon just didn’t want to have his nuts cut open, I can’t say I blame him. So he ran out of that truck faster than you could say “Crikey!”

As for the other Baboons I’m sure they were just following the leader. You can’t blame them for being curious as George himself. The way they all ran down the street bare assed reminded me of that time I was mid-shit, looked down and saw a rat gnawing on a poo covered rubber at the bottom of a campground porta-potty. If you’re feigning for an Australian Accent fix, here’s a phone call from an Aussie who witnessed the events:

I’ll tell you what, these are some crazy times we’re living in. The plot of the Planet of The Apes has never been closer to becoming a reality. Don’t worry though, it’s better to not think about our impending doom, instead look at these thicc af Baboon booties!

Look back at it!


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