Cheers and Chug Review: Maumee Bay Brewing Co. Blitzen

Taste: 7.7

Chuggibility: 5.2

I am really upset with myself for this one. The plan was to hit the streets of the city of Toledo and visit the brewing companies so I can chug their beers with the whole experience. Unfortunately, I was once again sick for the entirety of the time off I had from work and was unable to shoot. That being said, I feel the rating suffered. The beer itself was pretty good. Was I blown away? Not at all. You could tell it was a seasonal beer once it hits the tongue, but there was nothing about it that really stuck out to me. Would I drink it again? Definitely. Just don’t go buy a sixer of these and expect too much. If you want to try it, I suggest going and getting the experience. A lot of people on Twitter were recommending it like crazy. At the end of the day, it’s another great beer from the city of Toledo.

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