ICYMI Ricky Gervais Murdered Hollywood Last Night

Finally someone said it. Ironically I don’t watch award shows for this exact reason. A bunch of self-righteous Social Justice Warriors that haven’t lived a day in the real world for so long, they didn’t even notice how sore their throats were from sucking the “woke” off of each other’s dicks. I don’t know about you, but I watch entertainment to be entertained. Same reason why I try and keep politics out of LSR. If you ever think I’m getting a little too political please let me know. I mean let’s just call this what it is, Hollywood’s Elite using their likeness to push their disingenuous, designer ideologies on poor impressionable people who are just trying to escape their own shitty existence. The way I see it, if you haven’t looked down at your check and really felt the pain deep inside your bowels of being fucked in the ass by taxes, then you have no right to tell me how to spend my money or how to vote. For anyone who disagrees with me, I’d be happy to have you on the show to debate. You can call me anytime, I’m up at 4:00AM navigating the minefields we call roads to a factory in Toledo Ohio. Side note for all of you Anti-Porn people I have a suggestion. If you really want to get me to stop watching porn, start rolling out *insert rich white man who is going to call me scum for not having an electric car* to give long drawn out monologues right before ejaculation. It would be hard but I guess I can whack it from memory like a Neanderthal.

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