Cheers and Chug Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Taste: 8.2

Chuggibility: 5.8

Just wanted to start off by saying this video was not one of our best. A camera zoom mishap followed by a clear brain malfunction resulted in this hot mess of a video. When we say one take we damn sure mean it. Once I crack that beer there is no going back. If you’re new to the videos, I suggest you go watch the ones where I puke so you understand where I’m coming from. We aren’t afraid to say when we fuck up and we damn sure aren’t going to reshoot the video because that wouldn’t be organic.

As for the beer, it was pretty damn good. The only thing that bugged me was that I couldn’t really see what made it a Winter Lager besides the name. I feel like it was one of those beers that you could just slap any label on and people will believe it. It did have some sort of spice-like aftertaste, which I guess makes an argument that you associate spices with the holidays, but beyond that I see no reason why it’s a Winter Lager. Other than that, I think this is a solid beer that I would definitely drink again.

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