Will Jordan Strack Eat the Shoe?

It always seems like when I have a “gotchya!” moment with some villianous character it starts with three words. Well one word, but I say it three times. “Well…Well…Well…”. I can’t contain myself. It’s my twitch. It’s my validation. It’s my heaven, but in this case it’s a size eleven. The Target was a shoe in. Jordan Strack. He had something to say one evening in July.

Toledo #5 in the West.

Listen, who am I to tell this man what to do? I’m just a lonely cobbler. The real question is that of the poll: “Does Jordan Strack have a sole?” A week can seem like a very long time, if I could walk just one minute in that man’s shoes I’d pull one off and eat it. It’s the honorable thing to do. I’d start with the tongue… then I would use the rest of my mouth. Biting proudly head held high. Some people just don’t have it in em. I’m no saint, but damnit I know what pride is. Either you have the balls to eat a shoe or you don’t. So many questions. Laced tight with suspense. For now, we wait quietly.

(Corey was the one who sent this to me. Huge tip! Huge shout out! @corey_can )