Woah Vicky Just Beat the Shit out of ‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl (Video)

“Bitch watsyou doin?!” The cry from Bhad Bhabie aka ‘Catch me outside girl’ rang throughout the studio. Woah Vicky (also a fake rapper who became famous for being borderline brain dead) seemingly caught Bhabie inside and beat that ass. I’m not one to promote violence, especially among two rising stars with the world at their acrylic fingers tips, but I simply had to give the people what they want. Is it real? Some say it’s fake due to the fact that Woah Vicky wouldn’t be at the same studio as the much more talented, much more vocally polished Bhad Bhabie. I’m simply here to post the content, and let you be the judge. Pray for these troubled times:

No truer words have ever been said

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