Ry’s Gold-School Internet Blog Vol.1: Unforgivable

Hello world, its your boy Ry bringing you the inaugural chapter of “Ry’s Gold-School Internet” Blog Series. The purpose of this series is to reflect and honor some of the Internet’s “lost tapes” if you will. The gems of the past. The golden era of the internet where nothing was against the rules. Where content was still found through word of mouth and no one knew where the fuck it came from. Their was no money making accounts regurgitating/ripping-off media for financial gain, because quite frankly, people really didn’t know what the fuck going viral meant. This shit went viral before viral went viral. The timeless classics that were pivotal to the growth of sites like YouTube, eBaum’s World, MySpace, Tumblr, Vine, Epic Fail etc. Lets dive in!

I choose to begin this adventure with a video series called Unforgivable.


So P.Diddy or whatever the fuck that cradle-robber was calling himself back then released this commercial/soft core porn for his new fragrance and people were in shock.

Back then (2007) sex sold on television the way it did today but in much smaller more Puritan-esque increments. The commercial ended up being banned and that was that. Well after a short period of time an outlandishly satirical video series from a random youtube account came out demonstrated just how P-Preposterous this whole thing was. Before your 2019 outrage brain starts sizzling, remember this is raw comedy, and clearly a fucking joke. Here we go:

Unforgiveable #1

I remember watching this video so many times with my friends that I finally realized what YouTube was. It was like I found the Holy Grail. I had seen maybe one or two vids from the Tube prior but never on my own accord. Through word of mouth, and instruction via AIM from my boy Timmy, I was ready to secretively and shamefully watch this video on my own accord from the comfort of my Family’s Living Room Desktop Computer. It was raw, it was outrageous, it was Gold, it was Unforgivable.

Heres the whole playlist, absolutely NSFW: Unforgivable Playlist

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