Drinking Games for Champions: #10 Kings

It’s your boy Bubby, and after a brief hiatus I am like Jordan in ’96. I am back on my bullshit (Thanks @lildickytweets). Bubby always promises to bring the fiyahhh when it comes content on the pod and on the blog, and I promise you to not disappoint.

What I will have for you mindless internet zombies is a list that defines our generation as a whole: our love for alcohol and having fun while indulging in it. At the end of this list you will officially know the top ten best drinking games that were indeed blessed by being played by Larkies. If you didn’t or don’t play one or all of these drinking games, then you need to WAKE YO ASS UP! Bubby stays woke, and why don’t you stay woke with your boy.

I’m not going to write out each and every rule, because one: that’s why god and Al Gore invented the internet and two: if you haven’t played this game by now you need to call your mommy and daddy to get a dipey change. The basic premise is that there is a can of beer (no not a White Claw…pussy) with a full deck (sometimes two depending on the number of players) spread around the can. Each player takes turn drawing a single card and the number or face of that card determines who drinks, and how much. Now where do we get said drinks do your ask? Well you provide your own of course. Yes there is constant drinking.

Once said participant drinks then they must take the card that they drew and place it under the tab, AND MAKE SURE YOU ASSHOLES MAKE IT PAST THE SECOND CIRCLE OF THE TAB. Over time as every player takes their turn drawing a card and placing their card in the tab the tab will eventually open the can, and if you’re the person who’s card opened the can: you MUST either chug, shotgun, or bong said beer. Basically rule of thumb: drink a lot while playing so chugging it won’t be that hard. Don’t be a baby back bitch about it.

There are many variations of this game, but the real and ONLY way to play is the Larkie way. DM the Larkside Radio Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page if you have questions, but be prepared to be absolutely roasted ya fuckin square.

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