Why We Should Keep Posting Selfies.

Hello world, I haven’t blogged in a while so I apologize, I’ve been very very busy with (insert single Dad excuse here). This was going to be Vol. 2 of my Weird Wednesday Blog Series but I’m on vacation so time moves a little slower, fuck it you’ll read it and you’ll like it!! Clear your minds of all day-to-day complacent hang-ups and step inside the WEIRD! Here we go!

Do you ever get tired of taking shit from everyone about how much time you spend on social media? Do you despise when people tell you that you take too many pictures? Do you know a loved one who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma? Do you know you may be entitled to financial compensation? Well if your answer to those questions is “I DO!” Then meet me at the altar in your white dress. I will give you a Jagged Edge knife, sharpened and ready for use in an event where you find yourself searching for a comeback that will annihilate the hater. Game. Set. MATCH! I’m bout to drop some knowledge on you real time so pay attention people.

In the future their will be a 3D real time AI clone copy of you created from using all of your photos, your videos, your voice, your personality, all of your data that has been stored in the cloud. An exact copy of YOU that someone can use in an altered reality or virtual reality existing in Artificial Intelligence. Also possible (although it is a bit of a stretch) they will be able to take your consciousness from your remains/DNA and intertwine the two phenomena together, theoretically bringing you back to life. Making yourself an immortal AI to live on forever barring major catastrophe. This is why we should post as much as we can to social media. So the future puppeteers have more data to use and will call for less involvement and a smaller margin of error.

Oh and imagine this! Think about how much better everyone will look. This clone will be the best looking version of you. With filters. We only post the best pics of ourselves right? Hit them angles baby. That’s all I’m saying.

Well maybe not all of our selfies…..

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