The Recent Allegations Against the Granny Slayer Are Malicious and Totally Uncalled For!

On Episode 34 (4:50) we received a voicemail from a female listener alleging that the reason why Granny Slayer got replaced by his Granny was because he gave her a UTI. This outlandish claim is based on the practices of which Slay Baby describes in full detail on Episode 33. Before you listen, please remember that this young man was assaulted by his geriatric client without consideration of payment for medical bills or potential mental distress.

I cannot stand by and let this impressionable young man be shackled by jealousy and hate, tarnishing his squeaky clean (well maybe not so clean, he said it was clean enough) reputation. The fecal of the matter is he was doing his job, one of which he saw slipping through his fingers like a flab in lube. He recognized the end was near, and he overcompensated in order to keep his belly full, and his bills paid. Everyone punches a clock in one way or another. Does he go to your place of business and start swirling allegations whilst under-minding your ability to carry out your tasks? He said it was clean enough folks. It was goddamn clean enough! What would you have done? Have you ever been on the wrong side of a tsunami of 66 year old battered butt cheeks? The young man was forced into a corner in which he reacted in the only way he knew how. We should be honoring this patriot for having the wherewithal to react under that kind of pressure. She crossed the line when she popped a finger in his booty hole. His initial reaction was to “kick like a mule” for God’s sake, but did he? The answer is unequivocally NO. Did he complain? NO again. Now he’s forced to renew his Seeking Arrangements account while Mary Poopins is somewhere manipulating a newer, younger Boy… A Slay Infant if you will. When will her reign of terror end? Like the circulation to her outer extremities, the age of her victims continues to fall. Soon, Social Security isn’t going to be the only list she’s Registered on. In conclusion, this elder stateswoman used poor Slay Baby like a poo rag and disposed of him faster than a skying rocket exiting the assmosphere. Pray for the Slay, and may God have Mercy on his Hole.

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