Bubby’s Movie of the week: Observe and Report

It’s Bubby, and I’m back again to steer you into the direction of excellent cinema. Now that we are all caught up on GoT we can all move back into our normal existence. Once again I am the omnipotent being when it comes to movies and TV, so if you don’t take my suggestions don’t watch TV or movies…asshole.

This weeks selection is a bit of throwback, an oldie but a goodie. Quite honestly it upsets the shit out of me that a movie from 2009 is considered old, but this is my life now. Netflix has the ability to bring movies into their catalogue that you forgot how much you love, and this week’s selection “Observe and Report” definitely fits that description perfectly.

The shield that guards the realms of men

This movie came out in the beginning of the Seth Rogen take over of comedy in show biz. He plays the most intense and badass mall security guard in all the land named Ronnie Barnhardt, and oh yeah he’s bi-polar too. In classic Rogen fashion this dude is an absolutely hilarious character with absolutely no real touch with reality. I mean this dude is absolute clown, which makes for some hilarious interactions.

There’s some really funny characters in this cast that range from Anthony Peña AKA “That dude from Ant-Man that tells the funny stories” all the way to the serious acting chops of that dude from “Goodfellas” Ray Liotta. The story this movie tells really couldn’t be told by anyone other than Ronnie Barnhardt, and I thank Netflix for blessing us with it.

Humorless slobs at IMDB: 5.8/10 ⭐️

Your guide Bubby: 7.7/10 🐻

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