The Results: LSR Twitter Stinks!

So I took it upon myself to run a poll on Twitter and Instagram after the Season 8 Premier of GOT. I learned two things:

1: About 25% of you would continue to bang your Aunt and not tell her that she was your Aunt. Yikes! (I’m one of those people who voted yes)

2: Larkside Radio Twitter Stinks! No one interacts with it, we have no followers. It stinks. To be honest I put it all on my shoulders, I’m a man of utmost integrity and I can admit my shortcomings. I suck at Twitter. I deleted my personal account years ago because it was too depressing. Everyone hates everything and you can’t say how you really feel unless you make it into a white girl relatable meme or a race-bating click storm. And sense I do everything on Social Media for LSR, you can see that my true allegiance is with Instagram. Anyway here’s the fucking poll:

A whopping 14 voters…

There ya have it, 25% is not bad at all. We tend to connect ourselves to the characters we love to watch, however to live vicariously through a dude fucking his Aunt is a little hard to swallow. If I was Jon, I would tell Daenerys and just hope she’s cool with it. Their bloodline and history was forged with fire and incest, might as well carry on the family deeds.

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