Should Jon Tell Aunt Daenerys the Truth?

Jon has a difficult decision ahead of him.

Unlike I originally thought, Sam wasted no time telling Jon that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and is the one true King of the Seven Kingdoms. Bitter sweet of course because instead of feeling this moment of ultimate Nirvana, after all he’s been through, he feels nothing but slight vomit in the back of his throat because he most definitely fucked his Aunt! The rush of emotion is so much. Can you imagine? Here’s the issue on hand, gun to your head… Do you tell your Aunt that you are not only her Nephew, but you are King, and you also want to continue making passionate love, under the presumption that incest is not a total deal-breaker in Westeros? Oh and let me add one more thing to this hypothetical, your Aunt is the Sexiest/Most Powerful Woman alive! Classic conundrum here, I’ve seen it a thousand times (insert incest joke about West Virginia/Kentucky). I put out a Poll on Twitter to see just how fucked up everyone is:

I’ll be updating you with a Results Blog as soon as the Poll concludes in a few days, so make sure you go vote for what truly matters, and I’ll be seeing you soon!!

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