Nothing Else Matters but the Battle For the Iron Throne

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 10 years or so you are fully aware of what today is. Today is the day that the world has been waiting for. It’s when we find out the answers to all of our questions. I’m talking, of course, about the Final Season premiere of “Game of Thrones.” This is Bubby’s pick for both trailer of the week and movie of the week simply because WHY ELSE WOULD YOU WATCH ANYTHING ELSE?..

There’s no question that it has been a looooooong wait for the 8th and final season for this juggernaut of television. In a world where we can access just about anything we want (whether we pay for it or not) it’s pretty hard to have not seen a single episode. Quite frankly if you haven’t then you deserve to be paraded through the streets as a cuck.

The amount of theories swirling around the internet of season 8’s outcomes have been pretty cool to read and think about. Bran as the Night King, the Mountain as an undercover Wight Walker, and Samwell Tarly as the last man standing on the Iron Throne just to make a few. The simple fact of the matter is no one actually knows until the show tells us, which is something HBO writers have been great at for the shows epic duration.

While you’re watching the show do you and everyone else around you a favor and pay the fuck attention. Speculate, ask questions, and name your theories because there is no source material as the books by that humane Care Bear George R.R Martin no longer apply. We are all slaves to the nasty truth that we can’t binge watch this season, and if the rumors are true we are in for one hell of a ride.

Check out this epic video with every promo for this upcoming season, and remember WINTER IS COMING:

Chills. Literal Chills

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