Cinema Foreplay with Bubby: Joker

How many times is it going to take for DC Comics movies to actually be good? There’s been so many depictions of The Joker and Batman by so many different actors that I’m not even sure what to think anymore.

Now there is no question that one of the best acted versions of The Joker in all of movies has to be Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight. If you don’t think that stop reading this and go sit in the corner, because you’re an absolute cuck that deserves nothing but the bottom of the barrel French fries from Burger King. You deserve the goddamn Snickelfritz.

The next delve into this iconic character is attempted by Joaquin Phoenix. I’ve seen tons of movies this guy is in and I’m still not sure I’m pronouncing his name right. Who gives a shit because the jury is out: the man can act folks. I’m not talking Nicky Cage (can kinda act but has a Con Air style line that makes him memorable), but I’m sayin straight up Oscar Nod shit here. The last stinky ass turd they had play one of the best characters in all of Comic-book lore was so bad I walked out of the theater. And I sat through “The Secret Life of Pets” in its entirety. Yeah. Cock awful.

There’s tons of buzz surrounding this movie and has been swirling for quite sometime, and the trailer does that justice. Director Todd Phillips is throwing out the original story of The Joker being dumped in acid, which changes his personality, to just realizing that society itself can fuck a person up enough to turn them into a Sociopathic serial murder and full on looney toon. Phoenix is already not exactly considered “normal” so I think it’s a good fit.

Check the trailer out for yourself 🍿:

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