Wake Up to This Guy Going for the Ride of His Life!

When your girl asks to see your phone….

Good morning beautiful people! Hope all is well! Wait… do you see that? Holy shit that’s a guy floating away! Oh fuck!

That’s right, this Mary Poppins knockoff decided it was time to do the dip, all that just to get out of paying your bill my guy?! In his defense, we don’t know what’s happening in his home, some times you gotta get on your knees and pray to God to make you a bird, so you can fly far, far far away from here.. I quite literally gasped when I saw him flying away. Here it is again for the good people at home!

“A whole new wooooorrrrrlllld”

This guy said fuck it, put his feet up and clenched that pole harder then Cardi when her accomplice gave her the signal that the special drink was on its way! I respect his determination to save the umbrella, but what are the chances that this guy hasn’t landed yet? Imagine the moment he first takes off, it’s always fascinated me wondering how I would think in a situation where I had to choose between jumping and breaking my legs or riding it out. This guy decided today was the day to live out his lifelong dream…”to infinity and beyond repairable damage to the spinal column!”

Anyway, if you think you’re having a shitty morning, you could always be this guy. Enjoy your day people, and remember when it starts to blow, take your hands off the pole.

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