The First Official “You Fucked Up” Entry Goes to “Wow Air”.

Wow Airlines collapses cancelling all flights. Leaving just about 1,000 people stranded, and that’s not a good time.

Dude when will traveling ever become hassle-free? Does anyone ever hear ANYTHING CLOSE to a positive experience from someone about traveling through an airport? Just to make it through the genital fondlers on the TSA you have to show up basically twelve days in advance only to be told that your child can’t bring her hello kitty backpack on the plane as carry on due to safety concerns.

When your flight is delayed

“Wow Air” in Iceland just up and decided to fuck over 1,000 people by “ceasing operations” INCLUDING people already in the airport waiting for their flight to depart.

YOU HAVE GOT ME ABSOLUTELY FUCKED UP. So you’re telling me not only can I not bring my own cheez-its in this flight, but I also can’t get in my goddamn flight at all? Please let me know next time so I at least do my make up for you before you fuck me.

Wow Air. I’m here to tell you that you have officially fucked up.

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