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First of all I want to welcome you all to Bubby’s movie recommendations. As most men of my stature I am somewhat of a multimedia aficionado. Movies, TV, Sports, Video Games, Music you name it, which makes me a perfect addition to the Larkside Radio SKWADDDD. I’ll be periodically giving you guys my insight and opinions happening in all of these things. If you don’t agree with my opinions that’s okay as it is your right to do so, but your opinions are stupid and wrong and you can eat a bag of dicks.

I will rate things on a scale much like other sites, but I’m making it my own. There will be no stars. There will be no cartoon popcorn buckets. Anyone who knows me knows that I loooooovvvveee a nice fat lipper, so the scale will be on a spectrum of 1-10 Grizzly cans. You’re welcome.

Bubby’s Movie of the Week

Let’s be real with ourselves: who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription these days? Whether you’re in the minority by paying for your own subscription and paying for 12 other people or if you’re one of the leeches like myself. There’s no question that Netflix is CONSTANTLY bringing the heat with their original content, and their most recent project “The Dirt” is phenomenal.

Any movie that depicts Ozzy Osborn snorting ants from Machine Gun Kelly’s whiskey straw at the public pool of a hotel in the middle of the day gets an immediate watch from your boy Bubby.

IMDB: 7.1/10

Bubby’s Rating: 7.5/10 Grizz Cans

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