Don’t Watch Abducted in Plain Sight, Unless You Want to Smash Your TV.

  • If you haven’t seen Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix here’s the donkey brain rundown,(obvious spoilers here. So don’t @ me)
    • The next installment of Netflix’s eye grabbing true crime documentaries.
      Back in 1970s this young girl was kidnapped by a neighbor and close family friend.
      The family of the abducted girl was “manipulated” to the point of allowing this man to sleep alone in bed with their 10 year old daughter.
      The man kidnapped her and drove in an RV all the way to Mexico passing through the border. While the family of the girl sat on their thumbs for almost a week hoping and praying the man named “B” was just taking her to ride ponies or whatever lame ass excuse naive people used back then.
      The girl woke up in the RV strapped to the bed while a white PA system brainwashed her into believing she was part of an alien race and she had to procreate with the man on the RV to save her home planet. If she didn’t abide by the rules she would be vaporized (good one B, watch Twilight Zone much?).
      The girl quickly realized the companion she was meant to mate with was “B” the dude who kidnapped her.
      B then raped her several times all along continuing the brain washing in a truly sick manner. Sick to my fucking stomach the whole time I watched.
      The family finally called the authorities, and the cops basically shat the bed just like they always seemed to do back then.
      B had the balls to call back to the family while in Mexico and demand for permission from the parents to marry the child.
      After B was detained by the Mexican Police and sent back to the US, he was up against some pretty hearty charges but he manipulated the parents to drop the charges and he walked away no questions asked as a free man with no intentions of stopping his alien love affair.
      The parents allowed this man and his family to not only continue contact with the child, but B was again given permission to sleep in the child’s bed alone for his own personal “therapy assignment”.
      Guess what? B kidnapped her again.

    While looking down at my clenched fist and then back at my TV, back and forth until i was seeing red, I damn near threw hands with my 50 inch Roku TCL. I haven’t been this upset with my television in a very long time (I used to be an angry kid and would always throw my controllers, what can I say I hate losing, and NBA Live fucking cheated!!!). I mean what in the literal FUCK WERE THESE PARENTS THINKING. I hate these people. These are the worst type of people. Netflix did their part to try and put the “woe is me” filter on these idiots but im not biting on that. No person would ever habitually allow this man B to do what he did. I mean this mom sent her daughter on a plane years after the first kidnapping to live and work at B’s new amusement park (I wonder if he was the first person to make an amusement park/ranch that attracted young kids in order to violate them, I doubt he could moonwalk as good as the other guy). If you’re scratching your head trying to find a nugget of reasoning that would explain the parent’s negligence, I guess this could help…

  • 1. The mom was fucking B the entire time. She was in love with him and enamored by his presence. B threatened to blow her spot up if she didn’t let him see the child. They even discussed the feelings he had for the child and how “there was no other woman in his life he’d rather marry” interesting pillow talk in my opinion.
  • 2. The Father gave B a hand-job in his station wagon because he “needed relief” and it was categorized as “kid stuff”.
  • LOL

    The parents were devout Christians and worried that their sexual escapades would be devastating to their image in the eyes of the church and the community. So B dangled that over their heads the entire time to brainwash and black mail them.

    Here’s my take. If I’m the Dad, you gotta own that hand-job, take that on the chin if it means getting your daughter away from this fucking creep. I don’t give a shit bruh. If the mom and dad both wanted to be little thots then that’s totally fine, but don’t use that as an excuse to let a grown fucking predator sleep with and molest your child while you’re staring lifeless into the mirror praying to god that Rick from the hardware store doesn’t find out about the parked car palm blasting. Here’s my final diagnosis: The parents have donkey brains, I feel terrible for the girl, who is not actually an alien, and I’m pissed B killed himself, because I’d much rather punch his fucking teeth out than have to buy a new TV. Fuck Netflix.


    Me and my remote

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