Ariana Grande’s New Tattoo is Hilariously F*cked Up!!

Shaney (@shanecan) gave me this article and I absolutely had to share it! Kotaku East published an article correcting the meaning of Ariana Grande’s new tattoo and you won’t believe what these Japanese symbols actually mean. Grande wanted to celebrate her new single “7 Rings” by getting a Tattoo with the title of the single written in Japanese on the palm of her hand. Instead the Pop-Star got a tattoo that means “small charcoal grill”. The picture was posted from the Twitter account “ariana_japan” of her new tat on Wednesday January 30th, however it didn’t take long before Japanese culture took to the post and set the record straight. The post was immediately taken down and Ariana Grande even posted this Instagram Story today, Thursday January 31st:

“RIP tiny charcoal grill, miss u man”

Even though she thinks she “fixed” the mistake, she actually just made it more confusing. Adding symbol for “finger” made the phrase unrecognizable and still included the symbol for “small charcoal grill”. What Ariana meant to have permanently tattooed on her hand “七つの指” vs what she actually had tattooed on her hand “七指輪”. The second phrase is simply nonsense in the Japanese language and is still completely wrong.

In my opinion I love this! Who doesn’t love when celebs with over 100 million followers on Instagram post a picture of a new Tattoo they think is a masterpiece and it’s completely fucked up?! Hell I love it when anyone fucks up a tattoo. My one piece of advice to anyone about to get a tattoo in any other language they’re not literate in: you better have someone who can read and write that can verify that tattoo with a got damn blue check mark before you copy and paste that shit from Google to your body! Its a tough look for Ariana but I’m sure she’ll be ok. Until then I would lean ALL THE WAY into the Charcoal Grill business! I’m sure Webber and Kingsford are looking for a spokesperson with her kind of firepower! Either way you hate to see it. Personally I’ve always been a Gas Grill guy, I feel like Charcoal guys are hardos, but that’s a different blog for a different day. Here’s some pictures of some other tattoos gone wrong just for shits and gigs. Love y’all- Ry:

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