Breaking News! Self-Proclaimed GOAT Lebron James is Diagnosed: Sociopath.

People are going to call me a hater or salty, or whatever they want but listen, I’m a REAL Celtics fan. This man has murdered my dreams for a decade. Is he great? Yes, but he’s fucking cheating and tampering in free agency and Commissioner Silver and the NBA won’t say a word about it because they’re fucking pussies. The Raptors got fined because Drake tweeted at KD while he was wanting out of OKC. Drake!! Draaakke!?

Drake doesn’t even play on the team or have any proprietary gain in the franchise. This little mental midget Lebron owns a sports agency, that represents Anthony Davis!! How the fuck!? He’s talking to him with his jersey over his mouth at center court for half hour! Then says some blatantly arrogant shit about loving to play with AD in a post game presser.

Look, I get it, his whole life he’s never had to follow the rules and that’s a product of his immense talent, but at some point baby boy has to grow up. What world is this!? This guy thinks he’s Griff Tannon from Back to the Future 3! Here’s the point I’m trying to make, I apologize I’m triggered. If he’s such a genius, like everyone thinks, than why is he publicly making a mockery of the Association and Commissioner Silver by flaunting these ludicrous tampering acts in broad daylight and under the watchful eye of modest NBA fans? The correct answer is….. He’s a Sociopath! Grade A 100% Guaranteed or your money back this dude is a Sociopath. What’s the one thing that separates a random act of murder and a premeditated fixation with murder? The crazy guy who leaves clues every where so that he knows that you know he did it and he got away with it. Just like R.Kelly’s music? Ever heard it? Well this Bump and Grind must come to an end. Here are some of the symptoms and clues that a person is a Sociopath

1. Unreliability: Lebron’s record in the finals 3-6. Enough said, moving on…..

2. Untruthfulness and Insincerity: I’ll just leave this here..

3. Lack of Remorse and Shame: Center Court with Anthony Davis, the post game presser LOL fest where he begged AD publicly to come to LA. Then the not so subliminal atrocity and most hurtful of them all, on his Instagram story begging my boy Kyrie to come back like an obsessed ex! No fucking Remorse!

4.) Fantastic Behavior with Alcohol: Lebron force feeds his prepubescent children wine, stunting their growth and ruining their chance to play in the NBA so they can never be as good as him. Fact!

Don’t believe me:

We must all make it our mission to stop the enabling of this maniac! Now that he wants Kyrie back and he’s fucking with our future I personally wont take it any longer. Share this blog and do your part! Adam Silver needs to address this issue before he does irreversible damage to fans, the league, his teammates, and his children’s potential height.

P.S. Can we get a wellness check on Delonte West? He may be chopped up in his basement, and Lebron is eating his liver with a nice Chianti (did I mention Lebron loves wine?) -Ry

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