Weird Wednesday Vol. 1.

As promised this is the first of many weird Wednesday Blogs from me, Ry.

Rabbit hole time! I apologize in advance for this brain twister coming at you piping hot. What if in the near future the rapid development of CGI screen quality and the potential of cloud based storage makes it possible for coders/directors to create a functioning digital copy of every movie or tv star in an algorithm that people can purchase from the cloud to make their own personal entertainment? Holy fuck that sentence ran on! Now don’t get me wrong this sounds like a lot but think back to early 2000s when if you told me everyone carries around their own personal computers with the ability to access infinite data streams i would have pissed down my cargo shorts right onto my pump G Unit sneakers. Plus people are already doing this shit, remember seeing Paul Walker on screen filmed after death? That was in 2012, CGI spat out a carbon copy of the gorgeous angel and you couldn’t believe your eyes as a single tear dribbled down your cheek. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, ever heard of him? It’s not a rhetorical question I really don’t know if you ever have. He was a pretty good actor who got really into his roles. Like the one on Along Came Polly when he would scream iceman and throw the ball 250 mph off the bottom of the rim ricocheting back at his sweaty melon head. All time clip by the way, anyway the director of that last Hunger Games movie copied and pasted his image into scenes that showed complex emotion and dialogue. They’re only a few examples. I found 15 more at this link. ( Here’s the question I have for you beautiful LSR followers: What copy would you purchase on the App Store? If I’m being honest it’s a no brainer for me, Mathew McConaughey. I would create interactive movies where he just had to be my best friend and give me words of wisdom throughout the day, Or maybe their will be a “narrate my life” feature? Runner up goes to Selena Gomez and its a close second. Don’t make that face, even though we know how the whole would use this technology…..PORN, doesn’t mean I would even consider that! (Sets reminder to delete browser history) Make sure you get weird on this wonderful Wednesday, and don’t forget to comment and let me know your thoughts….. So I can use them against you in next weeks blog!

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