How Many BBB Shoes does it Take to Silence Your Baby Mama? The Greatest Gameshow Of All Time.

I was sitting in my Sunday comfies drinking my full bodied Kirkland brand coffee and I saw this come across my feed that and it caught my eye. Poor Lonzo. I’m not gonna say I’m a fan but I always respected the kid for rolling with the punches and just sticking to himself while his Dad’s mouth was running like me to the toilet after my beefy crunch burrito reunion tour. I’m not gonna dive too far into this savagery by the young lady Denise (who looks like a really nice girl) because if we’ve learned anything from athletes, especially nba players, BM’s DO NOT PLAY WHEN IT COMES TO SECURING THE BAG! Isn’t that right Blake? However this post really got my wheels turning. So my first thought was what is Denise prepared to say about the Ball family? They already seem pretty open and real because how could anyone script a pre recorded Facebook tv show with a humongous crew and a team of writers? I mean it would be damn near impossible right? Even for the beautiful mind of Lavar (founder and creative genius of Big Baller Brand). So let’s just say Denise was willing to grab the skeletons from the closet with the intent to pull out (the number one thing Lonzo struggles with along with that ugly ass jumper), wouldn’t it be so incredibly watchable if the Ball family teamed up with a major network and made the whole ordeal into a TV game show!?!?!? Hosted by none other than Mr. Bag Snatcher himself Kevin Federline. I could see the whole BBB squad huddled on one side of the studio while they debate how much they’re willing to fork over a month for a piece of damning info Denise teases to the studio audience and viewers across this fine nation. Both sides would go back and forth while K-Fed tickles us with one liners to keep a verrrry dark situation light and flaky. I mean if im being honest I would pay a hefty sum myself for a Pay Per View with absolutely no remorse. Lavar would attempt to make it all about him and try to belittle Denise who would stand her ground proudly like Blacc Chyna after she shook her pregnancy test off and it revealed big ass dollar signs on the display. Maybe Miss Chyna would interview both sides after the final amount was sealed and sent to CSEA. Seeing Lavar plug his BBB Merch while Lonzo sat back in silence would be tough to watch, but then again all train wrecks are.

Buy your BBB shoes now to help the cause. They’re only $250

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